Rows per page for Form View Subtables



I would like to request the ability to limit the rows in view for each subtable on the form view. We have many entries that have over 100 rows in a single subtable, and it slows down the page.

Is this possible? Thanks so much for your consideration!

Similar to the list view option:


Hi Alaina,

You may apply a default filter on the subtable to filter out old rows.


I appreciate that. Unfortunately, there aren’t any filters that would work on a consistent basis.



I’m not quite sure the meaning of “there aren’t any filters that would work on a consistent basis”, would you mind to elaborate more on your use case?


Hi Alaina,

We do have plan to implement the feature that if the subtable has more than 3 entries, it would be collapsed as default that you will need to click to expand it to see all entries.
Will this help in your case?


Yes it would! For daily use. Most of the time, we just need to view and edit the top part of the page. Do you plan to allow us to turn this off for certain subtables? Or choose the amount that causes the collapse?

Sorry for any confusion. We figured out a filter that would work dynamically! Thank you :slight_smile:


An update on my last reply - I am unable to do any dynamic filters for a useful default view for the main subtable.


We are currently looking into only showing a certain number of subtable rows on the form page by default. The full record will be displayed when clicking on “more”, or entering editing mode. Perhaps as a further enhancement to add the ability to turn it off or set a certain number of records by default.


Could you further clarify what you mean that you’re not able to do a dynamic filter for main subtable? There should be no need for a subtable to support dynamic filter. Dynamic filters should work for all sheet main listing pages.


Angie had suggested using a default filter to limit the records on the sheet. However, the only default filters that would work in this case would have to be dynamic because fields with dates would be used. For example: booked within the last 7 days or the check out date is after today. Otherwise, we would have to update the default filter every couple of weeks to go this route.

Yes, if we could turn it off for specific subtables, and choose how many show, that would be great.



You may create a stand-alone field with TODAYTZ() to retrieve the date of today. Once the stand-alone field created, please create a free text field in your subtable with IF() to compare the date field in subtable with stand-alone TODAYTZ() and see if it match certain criteria. For example, if the date field in subtable larger than the stand-alone field, returns “Yes”. Otherwise, returns “No”.

Then, use that result to apply the default filter.

Note: you’ll need to apply daily formulas recalculation to make sure those formulas will recalculate on a daily basis.


Glad you guys are working on it.
This is essential for showing inventory history without slowing down.


Thanks! I will give this a try