Need help designing your Ragic application? Here’s where you post!

Feature Request

Post feature suggestions to Ragic, and second the ones that other users suggested!


Questions and suggestions about the current Ragic template library, and share an application that you designed for inclusion in the Ragic template library!


Show everyone what you can do with Ragic and get great new ideas for your next project!


Discussing Ragic HTTP API, custom scripting, custom pages and integrations.


Reporting bugs, bugs will be fixed so much quicker when you can provide us steps to reproduce it.


Say “hi” to other Ragic users and post anything you like!

Work Offered

In most cases, Ragic can fulfill most of your business requirements without any coding. But if you’re interested in creating some script for very customized business logic, or building integration with your existing systems. You can ask here for developers and consultants to help you!