Question regarding dynamic filters for link & load!


I know that we use dynamic filters on link & load so that; "when you are selecting a value from another sheet, the list that appears to select a record from, will be pre-filtered, if you will, such that it would so hopefully be a shorter list than,… if the say the records had not been pre-filtered…

That’s a great feature! But my question here is…

Does… the “dynamic filter” affect,… what records are linked and loaded after being synced? For instance if I select “keep records synced with source” (as an option on a link and load), or if I hit an action button to “re-sync” a link & load, will only the records that have been filtered,. be also the only ones that are “updated” after the re-syncing of; such link and loaded fields, in a database spread sheet?

Or, for argument sake (alternatively), is it that all records are always synced, in any link and load setup, irrespective of any “dynamic filter” having been included…?

I look forward to your response!


Hi Kane,

If the option “keep records synced with source” is checked or choose to re-sync a link & load manually, it would apply synchronization to all entries in the sheet, irrelative to “dynamic filter”.

Cool, I like how this works,… but I was using it once, and thought;

How does this feature really work?

Now at the same time, I was thinking of some design possibilities, and I realized that I could use such a capability, one as I have described this feature could have worked,… except it could be called something like, “Link & Load Filtering” instead?

I have a case where I would benefit from such linking loading taking place automatically!

I will post here, on the Forum a suggestion!

And post the link here afterwards!