Use update records button to update one multi-select field with more than one value simultaneously.

I have an update records button that I would like to update two values to the same multi-select field. So far I have not been able to do this. If you use the button dialog to take two actions on the same field it will only keep the last one.

I also noticed that if you use update records button on a multi-select field that it will erase all other options and only select the one in the button. It would be nice if there was a way to control this behavior better so that you could make a button to update an option without changing the others.


Update value on another sheet would only support one to one relationship. If you would like to update more than one field value to a multi-select field, you could try
using “|” mark to combine two field value together and update the result.

For instance, field A1 is A, field A2 is B, assign the formula A1+"|"+A2, the value would be A|B. Update the value A|B to the destination, the option A and B might be chosen.

Since there’s some restriction to multi-select field, we would discuss with development team to see if updating an option without changing existed values is reachable.

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thanks Hank. I took a workaround approach on this one and moved one of the options to its own column as a checkbox option. This gave me better control for filters and conditional formatting as well.


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