Non-Destructive Mass Update for Multi Select Fields

Please make it possible to mass update multiple select fields without destroying their current settings. I’m really surprised that this isn’t a capability of Ragic and can see many instances where you could use this functionality and sadly the only work around I or Ragic support can come up with is to export data.

I would like to filter a group of records and set a checkbox without removing other checkboxes.

Perhaps the mass update dialog could have an option to append or delete existing data. I could see this functionality being useful on other fields as well. But for some reason I find this current limitation to be especially frustrating and non-intuitive.

I asked for similar functionally about a year ago.

In case anyone else comes across this issue I suggest a quick look at airtable’s batch update which has quite a few options for dealing with this scenario, including one that allows to add or remove specific items from a multiple select field. I could have tried to accomplish this in excel but would have had to do a fair amount of work to do so. This route is the next best thing to being able to do it in Ragic.


We’ve received the feature request and forwarded this to our development team, we’ll keep you posted once it’s released.