Subtable with records from same sheet

Hello there, apologies as this might be a duplicate question but I could not find it.

We have a structure of sheet “Orders” linked to separate sheet “Deliveries” where in deliveries a field references the corresponding order. Multiple deliveries per order.

I would like to set up a subtable within Deliveries sheet referencing back to the same Deliveries sheet, as a summary, namely “other deliveries in same order” where table would list all deliveries having the same order id of the one being edited.

Is this possible, and if so how?


Currently, what you’ve described can’t be achieved with the standard Ragic tool and may need further scripting.

The reason for this is that the system is unable to recognize the deliveries that should be linked to the one your editing. A workaround would be as below:

Step 1. Create another link & load field in the subtable on “Order” sheet and links to the “Delivery” sheet, with multiple select attributes.

Step 2. In “Orders” sheet, use “New sheet from subtable” to generate a new sheet

Step 3. In the “Delivery” sheet, use “Show references from existing sheets” to insert the sheet created in step 2 as a subtable

In the future, you’ll need to manually select which deliveries are linked when editing the subtables on the “Order” sheet. Then, those linked deliveries will be displayed in the subtable that inserted in step 3.

Hi Angie,
many thanks for workaround suggestion.

Hi Angie,

I am not fully understanding these steps but I was wondering if this would solve the other problem Carlos and I are having.
Link and load values from and reference table in same form

If so let me know the steps by step things to do in that post.

Thanks a ton

Hi Stephen,

The workaround does not work with that situation.