Link and load values from and reference table in same form

On a form ABC I have a reference table 1 with a Col A, Col B. As the user adds reference records in table 1 in form ABC I have another field that should only let the person select from the records added in table 1. This is all inside for ABC.

Here is a screenshot of an example created in Excel.

Any help or alternate way of achieving this would be appreciated.


Currently, what you’ve described can’t be achieved with the standard Ragic tool and may need further scripting.

I think that can be done.

Part 1 is a Subtable. You need to add a field that contains something unique for this parent record, let’s say the Ragic ID. You need to create a new sheet from that subtable.

Part 2 is a different subtable (Ragic can not hold 2 subtables of the same data source in one view). This table also contains the same unique ID. You add a link to other sheet field and put a filter to that link t that on selection only shows records from the first with matching ID. The filter is hidden behind the gear icon in the Link & Load section under the tool menu.

Note: If the relationship between subtable 1 and 2 is not m:n but 1:1 I would construct it differently thru a link table, reducing the complexity of that n:m into two 1:n relationships.

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