Schedule Report Feature - weekly/monthly


I like the schedule report feature, we recently saw a need for it. However, we aren’t sure when it’s actually scheduled for. Is this daily?

Can you add the option to choose weekly, monthly, etc?

Thank you!


Hi Alaina,

We provide report of yesteraday, last week, last month, last quanter, and last year.
You may refer to this article for scheduleing report. :slight_smile:


Thank you, I have a better understanding of this feature now.

What we need is all the records in a certain filter to be sent out weekly. Not just the ones that were created last week. It is a list of pending clients that need to be called to enroll them into our program, so we need them all.


Hi Alaina,

You can apply a view in your scheduled report.

Let’s say you want to return all overdue sales order, no matter the created date. Then, you can create a shared view first to filter out the overdue sales order. Then, configure your schedule report as below:

The schedule report will be sent in a daily basis and you can check the exexute time in the job schedule.


I understand. We are looking to do the report like this, however, we want it to come in once a week. So records of all time, once a week.


Hi Alaina,

It’s a good suggestion.
I’ll report it to our deveopers and keep you posted once the feature released. :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Hello ,
I need the same feature requested from Alaina , so schedule report on weekly and montly bases. I can’t use the current daily features since these data don’t change during a week so if I send 7 times the same data the users are submersed from all these mail with always the same data attached.
Any news from developers team ?
thanks in advance


Thanks! We could also still utilize this :slight_smile:


Have the developers considered adding other options for how often the report goes out?



Our developers are still in discussion for a better way to implement this feature. We’ll keep everyone notified here if there is any update.