Reference table relationships 2 levels down


I am coming across a common challenge about embedding/referencing linked data/sheets. Let me paint just once simple example.

I have the following separate sheets:

  1. Companies sheet with a primary key (PK) Company_ID
  2. Branches sheet with PK Branch_ID
  3. Contacts sheet PK Contact_ID
  4. Branches has a link & load to select the parent Company (Company_ID)
  5. Contacts has a link & load to select the parent Branch (Branch_ID). Now in the Contact record I also store the Company_ID either by pulling it through Company_ID when the Branch is selected or use Link from parent.

A. I can reference (embed) the list of Branches inside the Company via the Company_ID in the branch
B. I can reference (embed) the list of Contacts inside the Branches via the Branch_ID in the contact

Now I want to display all Contacts linked to a Company through the reference (embed) but I am not able to even though the Contact record has the reference/relationship to the Company.

I also see when you use “Link field from parent sheet” it creates a link and load for the Company_ID to the Companies table.

As I say this is just a very simple example but I have found on other solutions there is a similar need.

Please can anyone help or share the same scenario issue you have had.


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Does this help Steve?



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Thanks a ton but no.

You see the Contact sheet has a select Branch ID from Branch sheet, it does not have one which points to the Company sheet for Company ID. Therefore Ragic will not let me have an embedded reference table to the Contacts inside a company sheet.