How to List all records connected to a record on another sheet?

I can’t quite get my head around how to do this. Maybe someone can put me on the right track?

I have a sheet named ‘Contacts’. I have a number of other sheets with ‘Submitted by’ fields (select from other sheet) that reference my Contacts rows.

What I would like at the bottom of the form page for each Contact is a list of all other sheets referencing that Contact. In effect a list of all content submitted by that contact.

When I look in Form Tools for Contacts there’s no existing Link & Load, Multiple versions, Sheets from subtable or References from existing sheets to help me.


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From your description, you’ll need to use show references from existing sheets to insert other sheets as subtables in your “Contact” sheet.

Please make sure you’re in the design mode of the form page since those tools will not appear in the design mode of the listing page. If you still can’t find it, please kindly send a support ticket through the “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database so that we could check for you. :slight_smile:

Hi Angie,

I’ve done what you say and there are still no options available for me - show references from existing sheets.

I’ve opened a ticket.


It works for me.
On your “Contacts” sheet in design mode in form page, click show references from existing sheets.
On the pop up, you have to select a sheet that is linked to “Contacts”, otherwise it will say that there is no field linked. If you have selected a sheet that has links to “Contacts” it will give you the option: “Linked subtable (Linked field)”. Drag and drop and done.

Thanks very much. It does work. I’d not gone further and clicked on the header link. I was expecting a line under the header link. I feel a bit of a tit now. :slight_smile: Excellent. Just what I need. Thanks very much.

Ragic is very powerful. I love working with it.


Don’t worry, mate. That got me the first time too.