Locking a database

Is there a possibility of locking a database from making any further inputs?

For example, a customer has a few items that needed to be picked. Once the items are picked and processed, the picker will click a field to chose Items Picked. When that is selected, it automatically locks out all input for all users except admin.

How do I do this?


May I know if the “picker” equals to your customer or it’s another user within your database?

Other user except admin


Then, the only workaround is granting both the picker and the admin the access right of locking an entry in the feature access settings.
Then, those pickers can lock the record when they have done with the editing. However, the shortcoming is that pickers will have the access right to unlock the records as well.

That is not an answer or solution.

Hi Jeremy,

This can only be achieved by creating “multiple versions” of the sheet, and apply fixed filter (according to the “status” - to be picked, picking, picked, etc) to each versions, set up with different design (read-only, hidden, etc) and access rights so that users can use same data source with different functions on each.

Let’s say you have a version “1” for new order with status “new” that where the data are initially input, once it’s ready, users can change the status to “to be picked”, so that it’s no longer listed in this version, it would be in the next version instead.
Another version, “2”, only display the records with status “to be picked” or “picking”, once its items are all picked, users can change the status to “picked”, so that it’s no longer listed in this version, it would be in the next version instead.
And the next version, “3”, it lists the records with status “picked”, and in the version of the sheet, you may configure all fields with “read-only” attribute so no one can edit the data.
In the last version, “4”, for SYSAdmin that it can display all records that can be viewed and edited.

Thanks for your thoughts, but this is not a solution.

Hi Jeremy,

Sorry but currently this is the only solution.