Locking a data/Stoping re-calculating

Is it still not possible to lock data?

I’m currently having a field calculating a shipping cost by looking up a shipper/handler’s name.
There is a change in their charging amount at some point and I want to lock the price before the change.
We usually add data by “importing from Excel” and have to calculate formulas and fill-in default values when we do.

Does recalculation/filling-in happen only to newly input/updated data?
Even so we still make changes in design/formulas sometimes which follows re-calculation so it is best if we can lock certain data.


At the moment, there is no way to limit the range of formulas recalculation when importing.

A workaround would be not executing the formulas recalculation when import. Once the importing finished, you can filter out old entries with fixed filter. Then, apply the formulas recalculation for “Only the records filter by fixed filter”:

Note: this pop-up window will show up only when you have a fixed filter on the sheet.

Hi Angie
It seems fixed filter will do what we need.
I will try this thanks!