JavaScript - Utilities to make life easier 👌


As developers, we spend a lot of time doing two things over and over again😡:

  1. Get the Field ID for a given field either in the Designer or in the Ragic API Data Dictionary so that we can reference a field.

  2. Once we have the field then we need to repeatedly write a bunch of code to get the value of that field using the “Path”, “Key field Id” and a few lines of code.

We developed two solutions reducing many lines of code down to one line of code :grin:

If you want the value of the field called ‘Event Start Date’ simple call:

RS_GetFieldValue(’/ragicnew-tab/10002’, ‘Event Start Date’);
which returns ‘2020/05/26 03:30:00’

This make code so easy to read instead of only seeing the field ID in the code like this:
… entry.getFieldValue(2000073); // What is this?
… entry.getFieldValue(1000006); // What is this?
… entry.getFieldValue(1000106); // What is this?
and reduces the code to one simple line :ok_hand:

If you want the value of field ID ‘1000006’ (Description field):

RS_GetFieldValue(’/ragicnew-tab/10002’, ‘1000006’);
which rerturns ‘Get it done:-) with Ragic apps’

If you want to know the filed ID for ‘Complete Date

RS_GetInfo(‘Complete Date’);
which returns ‘2000074’

Or you have the field ID and want the field name

which returns ‘Assigned To’

And if you want a sheets “Key field Id” then:

retuns ‘2000465’

If you want to make your life easier and want this code library + the live data dictionary then contact us at

To implement the dictionary we need to manually convert\digitize your dictionary to code which takes a little time. We will digitize 10 of your sheets + provide a self-help training video for you to digitize the rest of your sheets or makes changes.

Once off cost is only $ 25 :smiley::clap: