How to hide 'Everyone' sheet when external user logs in?

I have two versions of a form/sheet, one for Everyone and one for X-Users. They are both under the same tab.

Currently, when an anonymous user views the dashboard they can see only the Everyone version which is what I want. However, once an X-User logs in they can then see both versions. I understand why this is; it’s how the access system works but is there any way of hiding the Everyone version from a logged in user so they only see the X-User version and NOT the Everyone version.

I know I could do this by making everyone log in and allocate access to different groups but I don’t want to force everyone to have to log in.

Just thought I’d ask in case there’s a workaround or something.



At the moment, there is no way to achieve this since the “Everyone” user group represents all users, with or without a Ragic account.

Thank you.