Hide sheet from home page/tab if "Everyone" = "Viewer"?

Hello If i have public sheet1 with Linked Field / Select from other Sheet to another sheet2, I need set sheet1 / Form Settings / Access Rights / “Everyone” = “Viewer” and same for sheet2 for possibility for all public users select values from sheet2 for Select from other Sheet in sheet1.
But now public user see sheet2 in home page and tab. I no need add posibility see and grab my data in home page and tab.
Another situation, I use FastReport for generating paper docs (catalog etc.) and live link Ragic data to my CAD software and pull updates to website by Publishing to the Web again set access right of group EVERYONE to Viewer.
Please add possibility to hide sheet2 from home page and tab if sheet Access Rights set “Everyone” = “Viewer”?
This can close question for this user too