Data Tables - does ragic support them?

Hi - I am building out my database to match my excel sheet that runs a lot of my business.
We have certain datatables (e.g Country of Origins), Shipping Ports with their Port Codes etc - we then use these data as validation in other parts of the system.

e.g if i am recording a shipping rate from one place to another - i will build a sheet to create a relationship between two port pairs but i don’t want to have to continually update picklists in multiple sheets. - eg update the picklist of the Country field in both the accounts sheet and the port sheet when a new country is used. I want to link to a datatable that contains all the countries, and link to another datatable that contains all the ports that we use.
I can’t seem to do this as Ragic will only allow me to create a sheet with two types of datafields, therefore i cannot create a country list.


Can you maybe send an email to with an example in excel to elaborate more?
It’s a bit hard to understand this use case just by words.



Have you tried to use Update value on another sheet

Also look at Help with a series of default values

Hope these put you in the right direction