Help with a series of default values

I have to make a daily production sheet. I can do this simply with 2 fields: ‘Machine Number’ and ‘Amount’. The ‘Machine Number’ is a linked field from another sheet named ‘Machines’. It works. But I have to pick the machine number everytime and there are 20+ machines.

I have tried making a sheet with 20 fields each named with the specific machine number, but then they cant link back to the ‘machines’ sheet. So some reports like pivot table wont work.

Is there a way to populate all the 20+ machines automatically?

I just found a way to do it.
I created several ‘convert record’ action buttons. Each one will create an entry with a specific number as the machine number field. By using the combine buttons, I combine all of them into a single one.

Ragic is indeed powerful. :sunglasses:


Very smart I must say.

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