Conditional Formatting and PDF export bug

I have a conditional formatting rule on one of my sheets that changes the value color of a field in a subtable. That works great, and exports to PDF with the correct color too. The problem occurs if I sort the subtable. Let’s say (for example) the color changed value is on row 2 in an unsorted subtable, but then becomes row 5 when the table is sorted. On the computer screen everything works as it should. The value changes color on row 5 now. However, when I export to PDF, the PDF will still show the color change (incorrectly) on row 2, even though the data has correctly changed. Did I explain it well enough to understand?


Thanks for the bug report, we do reproduce the issue you encountered and forward to development team. We’ll keep you posted in this thread.

Any update on when this might be fixed? I know this is a feature not used by many people and therefore isn’t a high priority… but it’s very annoying for me since I export PDF reports all the time and I can’t sort them first because of this bug. Thanks


Development team is still working on this issue, we will update in this thread once it’s fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Still waiting. Been 6 months now. Please push the development team again to fix this bug. Thanks.


I’ll keep following this issue and let you know if there’s any update.


We have just applied a fix to this issue that you reported. You can test it out and see if they are working as expected now.


Thanks for the fix. I have tested it in several scenarios and it now works as it is supposed to.

Thanks again