Checkbox as radiobutton

Hello, how to setup checkbox as radiobutton for subtables?


Radio button for selection field is not supported in Ragic currently.

Thank you, that’s why I wrote in the topic Feature Request


Sorry for the misunderstanding, I thought you were asking about “how to” set up radio button for selection field and that’s why I replied it’s currently not supported.


I’m sorry if misled, English is not my native language, just trying to help make the product a little better …

Hello, in subtables for checkbox field we have “Unique in this subtable” options. Can you add automatic behavior as radio buttons in a subtable?


We’ve supported two new icons in the checkbox field which can work as a radio button. You can input “circle” and “dot-circle” in the choices list to have these icons and please set the default value. For example:

In case you only want to let users “check” one option, you can create a regular free text field with IF() formulas to count how many dot-circles you have in the subtable. For example:

Then, apply the validation and error message if necessary:

In the future, when users check more than one option in the subtable, they will get the notification when they save the entry.