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Merge Field Rows (3)
Date/Time Last Modified - updated when "Update Values On Another Sheet" is executed (4)
API GET Field IDs (3)
Integrate Client Information with MS Outlook (2)
動態浮水印(新增能夠自動帶入登入者身分的浮水印) (6)
Modal / Draggable Dialog box for "new records" (3)
More than 308 rows and 24 columns in form (4)
Description field in report designer (10)
Multiple Select form other sheet (2)
Complex Reminders (9)
Shared view embed links / parameters (6)
Make Logo BIG! Option to adjust size.. (3)
Schedule Report Feature - weekly/monthly (7)
Notify a specific user when a single cell value changes (5)
Print Conditional formatting (like background color) on Listing page (4)
Subtabs within a tab (3)
How about a Favicon as well as company logo upload (3)
FIt images to container (3)
Gantt Report Limitation (4)
Hide image field title (2)
image size field (2)
Conditional Formatting (5)
Formatting Report Dates (3)
printing / export & mail as pdf wanted (6)
External User Group - Personal Settings (10)
File Format Signatures / Codes (4)
Button with two functions + Button that acts like a tool (pop up and fields to fill out) (6)
Styling Description Features (16)
Android filter and sort (6)
signature input field in the mobile app? (4)