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Checkbox as radiobutton (7)
Multiple select filter for Subtables (1)
Ragic WordPress Importer (6)
Community driven templates (2)
Partner Sign-up Page (4)
Management Access | External Users (4)
Kanban Board add more than one field in card (2)
Select from other Sheet form (5)
GoTo record number (3)
Hide sheet from home page/tab if "Everyone" = "Viewer"? (1)
Filter reference sub-tables (3)
Reference sheet embed conditional formatting (2)
Global CSS style sheet (2)
Checkbox Icon Field (1)
Can we have a way of turning commenting off for records. (2)
Publish Records as RSS Feed (4)
Make the subform number of record adjustable by command button (3)
Hide Columns in the form view. (11)
Change Choices When Cancelling New Record (3)
Paginate results from references from existing sheets. (2)
Apply This Formula - Confirm before execution (10)
Right-click on a value to filter list by that value (4)
Additional User Type - Anonymous (5)
Kanban sorting within a column (3)
Formula Box Too Small (3)
Upgrade Grouping Report, add average (3)
Add/Remove entries within the edit mode in listing view (4)
Make editing in listing view more user friendly (2)