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Alert for incomplete fields (2)
SOFT PHONES - Voice Over IP Support (5)
Page count for reports (2)
Alternate UNIQUE() function; with spaces after commas! (5)
Rearrange & Rename Filters (4)
Automatic record selection for single result drop-down (link & load) (1)
Sheet breakdown structure (5)
Partner Sign-up Page (6)
Community driven templates (3)
Redesign the Backup/Restore functionality. (1)
Please make the Clear Filter purple (3)
Multiple select filter for Subtables (2)
Subtabs within a tab (4)
"Not Equal to Zero" Validation (2)
Checkbox as radiobutton (7)
Ragic WordPress Importer (6)
Management Access | External Users (4)
Kanban Board add more than one field in card (2)
Select from other Sheet form (5)
GoTo record number (3)
Hide sheet from home page/tab if "Everyone" = "Viewer"? (1)
Filter reference sub-tables (3)
Reference sheet embed conditional formatting (2)
Global CSS style sheet (2)
Checkbox Icon Field (1)
Can we have a way of turning commenting off for records. (2)
Publish Records as RSS Feed (4)
Make the subform number of record adjustable by command button (3)