Feature Request

Export Reports as excel (2)
Custom Forget Your Password (2)
Custom From address in Welcome Email (3)
Hide lines not just fields & descriptions (3)
Print Conditional formatting (like background color) on Listing page (5)
Counting number of choices in Multiple selection (2)
Java postworkflow (4)
Highlight searched term (2)
The ability to check/edit a custom email (1)
Backup/Restore a single sheet (2)
Modal / Draggable Dialog box for "new records" (4)
Clone Entry - without copying over the sub-table entries as well! (3)
printing / export & mail as pdf wanted (8)
Sheet breakdown structure (2)
Dynamic views or dynamic filter for columns (1)
Reminders: multiple recipients from an e-mail field in the sheet (3)
Selection Lists | Alphabetical Order (3)
Conditional Formatting (11)
Send email using Record Owner as sender and note User as sender (6)
approval from multiple parties (3)
Dynamic Gantt chart vs static Gantt reportt (3)
Countdown Timer (10)
Using Enter/Return is the Search UI (6)
Off-line Access to RAGIC (2)
Show Duplicates (2)
Formatting Report Dates (5)
Mail Merge Rich Text Editor Fields (4)
Mail Merge for Users (5)
Chat box or Messenger (3)
Mind map (or WBS) diagram (4)