Zapier Update Record Functionality


The ability to create records via Zapier is great and something I’ve started using to create GDrive folders.

The Zapier integration would be much more useful, however, if it allowed record updates as triggers & actions, not just record creation.

Is this planned? Thanks


Hi Ian,

We do have plan to support this, however it’s currently not supported by Zapier for us to add “record update” as triggers and actions. It may take some time for us to find a better way to support it.


Thanks Amy, that is strange as I see update records as a trigger/action on many other apps? Cheers, Ian


Hi Ian,

This is King from Ragic, the developer who is in charge of this.
We tried to support “record update” as trigger and action on Zapier, but couldn’t get the acceptance by Zapier’s auto check when updated because of some technical difficulties. We are still looking for better ways to support this function to collaborate with Zapier partner. Thank you for your understanding.


Thanks King, that’s good news. Look forward to seeing this functionality at some point. Cheers, Ian


Hi Ian,

It’s now supported to set up record update as trigger and action on Zapier. Let us know if you have any further questions after testing.