X-requestor Problem

We are using external user, for our suppliers or outsider but we facing problem when
want to add external user this thing (show below) will appear although already set the access of the form to the external users. Almost everytime when we click to the external user this things will appear (shows below)

Please note that external user groups need to start with capitalized X-.
From what we see in your screenshot, you only have one external user group “X-user, User 2” (the name is probably not what you intended) and you have not assigned any rights to it.

we having scheduling form which will be duplicate to requestors form and giving access to X-requestors

a) The flow will be X-requestors fill up the requestors form
b) Than admin supervisor will approve the requests and assigned site supervisor for the requestor
c) Site supervisor once done need to update the form by uploading picture and completed date

But we facing problem at here, when site supervisor got notification through phone apps and click to view their assigned work, once done they need to update the completed date but its showing that they dont have access right to enter date here(shows below),
Although I already select user (X-site supervisor) as entry manager.
Pls assist me on this.
Thank you


For this case, we will probably need you to file a support ticket including the URL to the record so we can take a look and see why the user does not have the right to view this record.


OK. I see what’s the misunderstanding here. (User provided URL from support ticket, add explanation for other users who’s reading this thread).

When you choose a user group in design mode, it means that only users from that group shows up as options for selection. Not that all users from this group will be assigned access rights.

To actually assign access rights for a record, he will need to be selected in the selection field for that record to gain access right to that record.

Hi, I am still having this problem where my x-external user cannot access to the form although i already give them access to them as owner for the form and this happen to the android apps. Hope to give me the solution for this problem.


For your information, currently the bug in iOS APP was fixed. However, our developer is still working on Android APP.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience that may occur to you and your team.

Is the problem for this access already got solution?


Currently, the feature in iOS APP was fixed already and under development in Android APP.