WYSIWYG Editor for email Templates

PLEASE can we have a WYSIWYG for creating email templates? For non-developers formatting email templates with the current set-up is extremely challenging


Thank you for your suggestion, we will look into perhaps applying the Rich Text Field WYSIWYG component to the email template editor.


Yeah Rich Text editor would work perfectly - hopefully that is an easy solution. It would certainly go a long way to helping clients/users who have no desire/ability to work with code.
Thanks Jeff (as always).

Hi @jeff_kuo , could I just check if there is any progress on this one and if not could it be raised up the list. It is absolutely killing me as my client has (rightly) stated he shouldn’t have to learn coding (no matter how basic) to send a link in an email. Please see support ticket #78633 for context.

I have no desire to influence your development schedule - but if this is an easy one to fix it would make a huge difference.



Sorry for late reply.
It’s in develop queue at the moment, we would discuss if there’s any possibility to bring it forward.
Once released, we would keep you posted in this thread.