Writing to "Ragic Groups" field in "External User" table


Hi there,

I would like to create a new External User record from Javascript, based on some basic data collected in another form. The form will collect easy stuff like email and fullname, but it won’t be collecting the Ragic Groups - I will look those up elsewhere.

Question is what kind of variable do I need to write to the Ragic Groups field, and how do I populate it with the 2 groups I require (X-User and 1 other group).



I think you should be able to write to the External User sheet with HTTP API if you have the appropriate API Key. But if your program is purely Javascript, this is highly NOT recommended since you will invariably need to put your API key in your Javascript code. For access to restricted forms, it’s recommended to use a backend program to call HTTP API with API key.


I’m sorry for the misunderstanding Jeff, but I meant javascript inside Ragic workflow :slight_smile: