Windows Explorer

is any way how to connect Ragic with Windows Explorer and by clicking on the link open disc folder? Address of the folder will be generated by formula.


To better understand your ideal workflow, could you please provide us with all the steps of your ideal workflow, describe what’s not working correctly, and give us some data examples or screenshots for us to refer to?

the idea is like this…
For example, on disc are folders:

User will input in cell F3 number “1001” and formula glue together "C:\DATA" + “1001” result will be showen like button or link and user by clicking on it will oper folder in Windows Explorer.

First problem is that formula "C:\DATA"+F3 doesnot work, probably because of the backslash.

I don’t know how to implement the next steps at all.


Would it be possible for you to submit a support ticket via the “Need Help?” button located at the top right corner of your database, describe your working process, provide us with the sheet URL, and attach a video recording of the current workflow so we can completely understand the situation?

The biggest problem would be with the browser security restrictions. Generally there is no way for a remote browser to download and access any local file. If it can, it would be a security hole.

Thank you for prompt support, it works perfectly. I understand now that it was a wrong way to go.