What are the stars for, and how can you use them?

I’m working with my sheets and wanted to select certain records to filter manually. I noticed there is a “star” field to the left of the first column of data. What is the star for? Can you filter by starred items? What function are they for, if not for filtering?


You may refer to this article for how it works.

Ahhh!! Wasn’t looking above the column list for that, Thanks :slight_smile:
Incidentally I searched “Star” in the forum and didn’t see anything. I haven’t tried it, but is there a search field on the “articles” list page?


You may click on the “Learn Ragic” at the upper right corner of your database. Then, you can search for all available resources here:

Hi Angie

Just a quick question regarding the Star function. Is there a quick way to clear all starred entries, rather than to have to manually click on each one?

Thank you.