Website Going Slow

My team and I have been having a hard time with the website. It has been going incredibly slow, so it’s making it very hard for the agents to do business and for me to add new fields and formulas.

Are you going through an update that could be causing this?

Hi Alaina,

Sorry about this latency issue today, the issue has been resolved earlier and the speed should be back to normal now. We will be adding more preventive measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


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Thank you so much! That really helped.
(It’s ok! I know you guys are always developing new features and updating things, so it happens :smile: I appreciate everything you all do!!)

I am find Ragic to be slow during this past week on my work network and now at home. I also checked the speed using various tools and also ran apps like MS Outlook online and Ragic seems to be having issues responding to my actions.

I am using the latest Chrome

Support please can you look into this.

Thanks as always


I am working off the work network and it is still slow and making it impossible to work. To me this is as bad as Ragic being offline/down.
Here is a video showing how slow it is and I did a speed test

Please look at this urgently.



I’ve accessed your database and did not encounter speeding issue, would you please let us know if the issue still persists?