Webhooks with Integromat

Hi good people,

I am new to webhooks and trying out with Integromat.

I managed to setup a scenario and the webhook URLS by following: https://support.integromat.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006249313#determine-the-webhook-s-data-structure

But when I import data to integromat, I only see one term “Value” , unlike the example in the above link, where we should see more fields.

Any insights please?


Hi, Ragic’s webhook does not provide you with the full detail of the record, it will only provide you with a record id of the record that’s been created, updated, or deleted.

The reason for this design is that in many cases user will be able to make mass changes to their sheet, and a lot of records will be updated at the same time.

Is there a creative way to first get the ID, then use other modules to dig into the ragic record and get the data from the fields we wanted?

In my use case, I am trying to use webhook from ragic to send data to Integromat to create an invoice in Waveapp accounting.

Do I need another Json module to parse it? The record ID appears as “blank” in my workflow.

I recently integrated Ragic to Freshdesk and back again
I used util.postURL() which gives you better control.


Hi, how do you charge for integration?


It depends on the complexity and scale. I will send you a direct message and arrange a meeting.