VLookUp across work sheets


I have a Real Estate database and I’m trying to automate something that will just about set-it-off for me! So I hope you can help! Here is what I’m trying to do!

On the Listings Form I would like to get an automatic “True” or “False” as to if the listing is a “duplicate rental listings”, as when a property is both for sale and rent at the same time, the rental information needs to appear twice, as per my design, once in is it’s own separate listing, and again together with the “for sale” listing information - in the “for sale listing”. Hence we have duplicate “rental listing information”, as the property unit (for rent) has been selected twice, in two different ways, in two separate listings. The Listing forms allows for selecting not only a corresponding Property Unit, but also a “rental” Property Unit as well, hence the same property unit in these cases is being used twice, in two different ways, in two separate listings.

At the moment I do this manually, in fact this would be the last automation/formula that I may actually require, at least for now, I think!

If I could use a VlookUp across the Property Unit sheets, that would work, but I don’t think this is supported! Let me know if I am wrong, or if you know of a way that I can get this done! There must be a way! :slight_smile:

I also tried/though of a few other things, like using the Vloopkup in a sub table, but as the property may have more than just 1 for sale and 1 for rent unit, it stops working/fall apart once more than 1&1 property units have been added.

I look forward to getting a response on this one!



Sorry that the formulas can’t refer to other sheets now. :slightly_frowning_face: