VLookUp across sheets!

“VLookUp across sheets! Or over the same sheet, as it is in my/this case!”

Hi Ragic Team,

I have another Feature Request that I am hopping you will be able to accommodate!

Here is the user case:

I have a Listing (property listings) sheet that currently allows for the combining for FOR SALE information together with FOR RENT information, if need be. Or you could just list the property twice, once for sale and another for rent. External advertising websites usually accommodate one or the other. So, the choice is prevalent!

At the moment I have to tick a checkbox, manually on the Property Unit form, if the For Rent Property Unit is being used in a combined for sale and for rent Listing. The problem then being that some people may not remember to tick the checkbox. I could make the field mandatory, but it is not often that it will need to be used, and maybe not even at all!

Note: I need the checkbox ticked, because if not, the listing could appear twice, once together in the For Sale listing, and again on its own. Yes, it is mean to be listed twice as such, if you were wondering. I do however I have separate Listing sheets with different filters depending on the way it needs to be presented or exported. With or without the duplicate rental listing for instance. And, the filtering depends on the checkbox mentioned, to work correctly!

So, the solution would be to have a VLookUP that would search across all Property Units to see if the any Rental unit has been selected within a for sale unit already, and hence it would return a value. That way there would be no need to keep track of this manually.

I brought this up in previous post, however I never requested it to be a Feature. I am now working on making my Ragic Database Design available for the local association, and I want for it to be really ready and complete!

I hope you can help!

As usually thanks for all your ongoing support and assistance! Looks like I am just about ready!



Hi Kane,

Currently, we do not have support for cross-referencing and retrieval between forms. However, you can try using the approach of referencing two sheets simultaneously to consolidate the required data into a single form for easier viewing and analysis.

If the above method does not meet your needs, it is difficult for us to accurately determine the specific functionality you require based on the information provided. Therefore, we recommend contacting our customer support team through the “Need Help?” option located in the upper right corner of your database. Our support team will be able to provide you with design suggestions tailored to your form.

Thank you.