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Hello after creating a table with order by client
i want to client a table that will show me all datas according to filter i select
So it is like a table with 2 or more selectable field (product and client)
that will show on the subtable all the records that respond to that filter; those records are stored in the main table, the one where i store all the movements

I do this because it looks like ther eis noway to customize report,. to group by 2 conditions…so if i do a table i might get a report from this table…thanks


You may refer to Dynamic Filtering,
If that’s not what you need, please elaborate more on your scenario and expected results with some screenshots for us to refer to.

basically i have 3 table. One with clients name, one with product names. And then i have a 3rd table for the movement i do . This table contain field for date and client, and then there is a subtable where i fill the field sell or the field returned with the product, plus quantity, price for it and total price.
I don’t have a real stock, as i prepare a number of food box which are required.
I know that Client A wants x Boxes of certain food, CLient B want y boxes of certaiin food…and so on. Also some of the boxes are not sold so the client retrurn them to me and those are thrown away. So nothing really in stock.
At the end of the month i need to know for Client: what products are sold, what are returned, and a percentage of sold/return for product. So i know if i need to prepare less or more
Same report for all clients together, also to see what are most sold products in total and most retruned in total.
Of course also the total earned
Thing like that…
Hope it was clear enough!


In your case, these are the basic sheets you need to create:

  1. Client Sheet: Regular fields including clients’ information(e.g. Client ID, name, phone number, Address)
  2. Product sheet: Regular fields including product information (e.g. Product ID, name)
  3. Order Sheet:
    (1) Regular fields: order information(e.g. Order ID, date)
    (2) Regular fields: client information(Who ordered the product): Use Link & Load to link with Client Sheet
    (3) Subtale fields: to record ordered product information: Use Link & Load to link with the Product Sheet
    If you need to identify an order / return action you’ll need to add a field in the product subtable to record it (e.g. action: Order/Return)

To insert data, start by creating clients’ information in the client sheet and product information in the product sheet. When creating an order in the order sheet, select the clients and products that were created in their respective sheets.

Next, go into the design mode of the “Order Sheet” and use New Sheet From Subtable to create a sheet for each ordered product by the client.

On this new sheet, use Report function to view the data, such as Ranking Report, you may check the number of every product. If you want to filter by client/action, you may refer to this article.

I hope this helps!