Varying "Dynamic Filters" and "Keep Values Synced" for Link&Load


I recently was working on a sheet that contained two Link & Loads to the same sheets (and I could navigate between both Link & Loads using the drop down box found just below the “Exit Link Manager” found at the top righthand corner of the page). However when I tried to set the “Keep loaded values synced with source” option, I found I was unable to do so differently for both. By that I mean I wanted to set one of the sheets with a Link & Load that had a specific “dynamic filter”, and the other without such a filter, and was unable too. So my suggestion here, is that Ragic is made to be able to set different Link & Loads for each sheet, so that “keep loaded values synced with source” for instance can be selected for one Link & Load, and maybe not set for another. That is, if this is at all possible! If not, then I will like to suggest that a notice is included next to the “Keep loaded values synced with source” stating that different Dynamic Filters cannot be set separately to each Link & Load and that the “Keep loaded values synced with source” setting goes for all Link & Loads set between any single pair of sheets.


Hi Kane,

We do support configuring different settings for each set of linking. If you’ve linked to the same sheet twice, you’ll see two links under the “Link & Load” section in the form tools. For example:

Click on any of the “Gear” icons will lead you to the pop-up window of the dynamic filtering. In the pop-up window, you’ll see which set of the linking you’re configuring. For example: