Using Ragic for Personal Financial Accounts

Is Ragic suitable for Personal Financial Accounts including:

  • Monthly Cashbook?
  • Credit Card expenditure and analyses
  • Income and Expenditure analysis for each month, cumulatively and annually?
  • Personal Financial Balance Sheets incl:
  • Bank Current and Deposit Accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Credit Card accounts/balances
  • Retirement Fund accounts and balances?
    Quarterly and Annual Balance Sheets?

My personal financial accounts are not complicated but do have several dimensions and I am trying to simplify the use of multiple spreadsheets for recording/analysing/summarising/posting and reporting.

Would I be better off using an accounting package like Sage?


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Hi Peter,

That’s what I started doing and I love it! I just created a separate tab and I can keep track of bills due, inventory, and even purchases for tax purposes.


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You can create a sheet that contains the fields you need.

And you can create subtable to manage one-to-many relationships.

Here is an example:

If you would like to analysis specific category, you can generate new sheet from subtable. So that all of your records in the subtable will display in an independent sheet.
Thus, you will be able to filter or analyse these records.

And if there are lots of frequent used items, you may create the other sheet to save these data. When you maintain the cashbook, you can directly select those pre-saved frequent used items from the other sheet through link&load.

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