Using QR Code/Bar code to take attendance

Hi, I am figuring to take the attendance of participant using code scanning methods?
Can anyone share with me related this design.

The reason of thinking this method, is because the traditional way of taking attendance of participant,
is write down on paper with their name or phone number and etc.
Later, only we go back to the attendance database, taking the participant’s attendance one by one WHICH IS SERIOUSLY TIME CONSUMING!!!

I hope the code scanning method able to mark the particular participant attendance immediately without further more administration work!

Thank alot if anyone can help in this field.
Or share any precious idea or opinion related to this code scanning methods~


For your information, the QR code reader is for inputting the information only and it will not change the field value for you. For example, you can use the QR code reader to easily find an entry within your sheet. However, you’ll still need to manually mark their attendance.

Hi, did you get anywhere with this one out of curiosity or was a better solution offered elsewhere? thank you