Using formulas to sum several entries on a linked sheet

What formula(s) do I use to create a field with a sum of values from a linked sheet? I’m trying to add the total profits from multiple individual sales on my ‘Sales’ sheet to a single entry on my ‘Product’ sheet. Likewise, how do I add the total sales count to my ‘Product’ sheet?



Would applying multiple SUMIF formulas and then adding them up fix your scenario?
If not, could you please submit a ticket via the “Need Help” button and describe the problem you’re facing so Ragic Support can help you directly?

I’m sure it would, but I’m new to Ragic and haven’t been able to find the correct syntax for the linked sheet references.


I guess submitting a ticket and providing us with the necessary related details would help us understand this case.
Could you please submit a support ticket via the “Need Help?” button located on the top right corner of your screen, describe your current workflow, tell us what’s not working correctly, and provide us with related sheet URLs and screenshots?

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I’m not having a problem - I just can’t find the syntax to reference linked sheets in the formula. So, if I needed the sum on the same sheet for a sum of values in column C when B=134708, the formula would be SUMIF(B,134708,C), if I’m not mistaken.

However, if I want a sum on my ‘Products’ sheet of values in column F on a linked a ‘Sales’ sheet when the ‘Sales’ column E=134708, the formula should be SUMIF([‘Sales’]E,134708,[‘Sales’]F).

What I need to know is what goes in the brackets to specify the value on the linked sheet.

If you are looking to apply formulas referencing fields on a different sheet, it can only be done using aggregate fields. Let’s say you have a sales order sheet that has applied link and load to a client sheet, you can apply the aggregate field on the customer sheet that calculates its linked entries on the client sheet (such as finding the total spendings of a client).