Users Unable to Import Data from File

Users in any user group are unable to import data from a file. Even when I add them to the SYSAdmin group, the only option that shows up is to create a new sheet from a file.


May I know if there is any error message when a SYSAdmin tries to import file?

We’ve just issued an update that may be related to this issue. Please let us know if you encounter any issues like this again.


There wasn’t any error message when the SYSAdmin that created the Sheet tried to import a file. It worked fine, but if I gave a different user SYSAdmin, the option to import from a file didn’t show up at all. It seems there was an update and now other SYSAdmins are able to import a file, but other user groups that have Admin access rights are unable to. Is this intended, or is this also a bug?


By default, only SYSAdmin can import files. If you want to grant other user groups with the access right of importing files, please update the setting in the feature access settings.