User Logins for external clients

Hi I am new to Ragic.

I want to create a database to run my workflow. I will create customer records, details of their assessment, leading to an invoice for their products and services. I want them to be able to login to a web page on my website that displays their data. I would be great if they could download their report and invoice. Is this possible and what plan would I need for this. I currently have 1500 clients.



It’s not necessary to add clients into your database if you only want to let them download the report or invoices.

Let’s take “Invoices” as an example, when creating the “Invoice” sheet, please create a field with unique value to recognize which client the invoice belongs to. For example, their membership number, phone number, email address, or VAT number.

Once the sheet created, you can embed the sheet with database query & view and set the “Exact Mode”. Then, set the unique field as the query field.

In the future, when clients access your website, they can query the unique value (their phone numbers, email address, or something unique) and the system will return invoices that linked to the value they input. Then, they can print the invoice into PDF via the printing feature in their browsers. (Or, you can create a file upload field to store the PDF invoice for them to download as well.)

Note: if you think above will not work for your case, let me know and I can tell you the other method that add clients as the external users.

For the pricing, it depends on how many sheets and internal users you need. If you need more than 5 customized sheets and you’re the only user that needs to access the database, the monthly pricing would be $19. If you have 3 users that need to access the database, the monthly pricing would be $19*3=$54.

If my solution went beyond just downloading and they had the ability to login and view/edit there own record etc Is that possible?


If they need to "login and view/edit there own record’, then the only way is to add them as external users.

Let’s take the “Invoice” sheet as an example as well.

Step 1. Enable the feature of external users first. (You may refer to the link provided above.)

Step 2. Grant the “X-User” group with “Survey User” access right in the global access rights panel. (If you want to prevent them from accidentally create new invoices or edit your invoice, you may apply no edit and no create attributes.

Step 3. Add your clients as external users

Step 4. In the “Invoice” sheet, please create a “Select User” field with assigning feature.

In the future, when you create a new invoice, please fill in the field that you created in step 4. with the external user name that the invoice belongs to. Then, when your external users login the system, they’ll only see the entries that you assign to them.