Upload multiple images


I want to be able to upload multiple images from one folder into one record, instead of having to individually select images to upload one at a time. I tried using the “Mass file upload” tool and am having trouble with it - the images don’t show up after I’ve tried mapping them and I’m not sure if I’m just not using it correctly, or if the “Mass file upload” tool doesn’t work for the purpose that I need it to. I need to be able to upload multiple images to individual records on my forms, with each record having a different set of images. Thank you!


Would you please submit a ticket through “Need Help” at upper right corner in your database, fill up the form with below information:

  1. The sheet url
  2. The mapping excel file and the .zip file with all of the images file you were uploading
  3. Click “Grant Access to Ragic Support Team” red button below

So that we can look into your database and check for you.