Updating date formula daily

I have entered DATE() in a cell hoping it would refresh each day, but it seems that it is captured and doesn’t change.
How do I fix this?


By default, the values that are already saved in your database will not change automatically. If you would like to have the formulas recalculate in a daily basis, you’ll need to add a workflow of daily recalculation.

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Hi Angie,
Can I manually update these formulas?


I’m not quite undestand what you mean.
Is there any specific reason that you don’t want the date to be updated automatically?

It looks like I have to upgrade to have it done automatically, I am having various problems that I need sorted before I upgrade…

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If that’s the case, you may manually run the formulas recalculation in a daily basis before you decide to upgrade.

Hello Scott,
I am also carrying out a proof of concept with Ragic before deciding whether to switch from my professional trial licence to a professional paid licence. I note you said back in November that you were having a few problems - would you mind sharing your “problem list” to help with my research?
Were those problems solved for you?
Did you upgrade?

Hi Andy,
I have swapped back to a excel spreadsheet, I built it using vba.
I couldn’t get the Ragic formulas to work reliably.
Regards Scott

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Hi Scott,

Would you mind to share which formulas can’t run reliably in Ragic so that we can investgate for you? :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to reply Scott - it is much appreciated.

I share Angie’s interest in knowing what formula didn’t work for you, but for different reasons of course.

I am not too worried if there are some minor limitations in Ragic’s formula capabilities because we have found that their implementation of Javascript works pretty well and allows us to do more complicated things and whilst looking across the whole database.

What I mean by this is that any minor formula issue, which I can work around, is more than made up for by the ability to connect all our old world spreadsheets together, into an easily maintainable, indexed and linked database.

I am now wrestling with the problems of how to dynamically report from the database in ways which are similar to excel pivot charts, or even a commercial BI tool like Qlikview

Kind regards,

PS. I should point out that I am an independent business owner and ex-IT consultant, with no formal links to Ragic, other than being a free trial customer at present.

I am very happy with the way Ragic works, but I had trouble with SUMIF & SUMIFS formulas, these seem to be working fine now.
A few things I have a problem with.

  1. Downloading, it seems impossible to download all records to one sheet. That is, to join all the list table records together with the subtables. The reason I need to do this is for reporting.
  2. reporting seems very limited, because of above.
  3. the conditional formating won’t work unless in edit mode
  4. when duplicating job sheets (subtable) some of the values would not follow across.
  5. my boss was not happy that the data is not local.
    I hope this helps, I am actually really impressed with Ragic.
    Regards Scott
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Thanks again Scott.
Your feedback is much appreciated by me and I’m sure it will be helpful to the Ragic team as well.

Happy new year,

Hi all,

Thanks for the following up on this discussion thread.
Regarding the problems of conditional formatting and sheets duplicates, currently, we haven’t received bug report from other customers. Hence, if you do have issues when using these tools, please don’t hesitate to mail our support team via the “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database or create a new post in the community. :slight_smile:

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