Please consider adding a new function that updates a field only if it is empty. This would be helpful in so many situations, including some that currently are unsupported due to circular references.


Would you mind sharing your ideal use case with maybe some example, so that we could forward the request to development team base on your need?

There are so many examples where this could be useful that I don’t even know where to start.

  1. Any field where the user can override an automatic calculation by entering a value manually
  2. Any field that should automatically calculate if the user does not enter a value

Here’s one specific example. A sheet has multiple fields for the price of a single product. Each field represents a different currency (USD, CAD, EUR, etc). I don’t know which currency the user will choose to enter, but I want the other currency fields to immediately calculate and show the equivalent currency amounts. Without an “UPDATEIFEMPTY” function to use, these calculations are considered circular references and are not allowed in Ragic.