Update Tax-rate - filtering option/s!

Hey there Ragic Team,

Can you please consider including the above mentioned “filtering” capability. To be included into the existing Ragic “update tax-rate” feature.

At the moment this is not possible!

You see, I have a property listing database with both USD and TTD prices on some listings (i.e. when the price is to be advertised in US dollars, we also require, in such instances, the TTD equivalent, as well, to be shown).

As you would imagine, we then, require updating the tax conversion rate periodically.

However, at the moment, I cannot use the existing update tax-rate feature, as I we only want to update the “current listings”, and not past ones as well.

So, in order to do this, as far as I am aware, it would require a filtering capability as mentioned, as well!

However, guys, at this time I have not used Ragic’s Built-in Lock-Record-Feature as yet. And so, I was wondering if, I was to lock all the past records, if that would stop the tax-rate from being updated on them as well?

Guys, please bear with me here… as I know that I have made a request here, and have included a question too, as the same time…