Update records to ZAP

Using the Zapier Ragic App I try to make use of the trigger “Update Record” in Zapier to reconcile a Mailchimp mailing list to send newsletters based on my database, but the trigger is not firing. Zapier is not able to see the sheet and fields in order to extract the data to update the mailing list.


Could you confirm if your Server Name and API Key are entered correctly?

Here is the user manual for Zapier Integration for your reference. Please read it carefully and try reconfiguring the Server Name and API Key.

If the issue persists, could you provide screenshots or a screen recording of the process to help us identify where the setup might have gone wrong?

Thank you.

The API connects fine. But the trigger won’t see the sheet name. Therefore, the spreadsheet is not seen and Mailchimp is unable to see the data.


Could you please also confirm if you have filled in the correct server name?
In your case, if your database account url is “Scrmops - Ragic”, then the server name is “na3.ragic.com”.

Thank you so much. One extra period in the URL makes all the difference!

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