Update date field after address is updated

In my database I setup a date field which I like to only update if the address field has been changed or modified. I tried several formulas in a text field with no luck. I also searched the manuals and this community for some help without finding anything.

*** For now I want to copy the “created date field” into this date field if it is empty.
*** After that, I need a formula that updates this date field if the address has changed.

F2 is the “created date field” to be copied.
F21 is the “date field” when the address has been changed.
A21 is the complete address field

Some of my failed tries are as follows:

I haven’t tried any formula to update this field if the address has been changed.
Your help to create these TWO formulas would be much appreciated.


There’s no formula that can identify if the field value is modified or not.
If you are recording the last modified date of a specific field, it requires a simple scripting to achieve it. You can refer to this instruction:

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Hey Hey Hey !

That was a bit tricky to understand the directions.
It took several times to go over the directions, but I GOT IT!
BUT MAN it worked like a charm! I love it !

Many thanks for the reply to my post.
I now can show when the address field ONLY was updated in a separte field.
Even though the record might be update in another field.

P.S. If anybody installs this, the minor problem I had was getting the right URL for the tab.
After selecting the sheet from the tab and you see the listing page, that the URL you want.

P.S.S. Update - As an extra note, when I moved the table to another tab, I had to put in a new command line in the “Post-workflow” under that sheet name in the drop down list. Otherwise the function stopped working. It is easy after you catch on to modifying the function command line.
(I hope I described myself correctly)