Untapped Client Community - Collectors!

I just started working with Ragic and it seems to be meeting ALL my needs so far!
It seems to be the perfect niche between Excel and Access. It’s much easier to create, build, customize and re-organize than Access (no programming yay!) but is much more full featured than the flat database which is Excel. I love how easy it is to create new tables and link them, and there seem to be some solutions to publishing to web right “out of the box”, which is awesome!

I am a collector of models horses, which I love to photograph and have participated in shows on occasion. Though it’s a little pricey for a hobbyist collector (under $200 a year would be a better pricing plan for that audience in my opinion), this program really does offer just what we need in terms of ease of use and features/functionality.

You have yet to tap into a HUGE audience of collectors! I’d be happy to discuss with you and suggest ways you can prepare for that type of an audience.