Unlinking a Multiple Version Field

Currently, when creating a duplicate sheet as an MV all fields become shared. Please could we have the facility, after creating such a sheet, to unlink a particular field? Ideally, in Change Design in Form a simple right-click ‘unlink’ would be great.

I understand that a linked field can be unlinked by deleting it on one the sheets. The problem with that is that we then need recreate that deleted field as an unlinked field with the same style, formatting etc. It would be more convenient to ‘unlink’ and have the two fields retain all their previous attributes - except that one would need a new field id.


Once the multiple version is created, field ID had been determined, the field that share same field ID would share same value. It’s not possible to unlink the field linking relationship.

You could create the new field, copy the style from original one and paste to new one then delete it.

Thanks, we’ve tried that. The problem with your suggestion is that creating/deleting a column can mess up the existing column widths. Please see the bug I posted today and ticket Tony tickets.ragic.1.95930@tickets.ragic.com


Uhm, it’s different topic. If the problem is deleting field would mess up column width, we would suggest removing the field from listing page field picker instead of deleting the field on form page directly.

Thanks for the idea Hank. Doing as you say and then deleting the original field from the Form page does what is needed and avoids messing up the column widths.

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