Undo or Blank Option with Selection Fields

RESOLVED: simply addied a 0 text option in the Selection field.

I have two fields. The first one is a “Selection” field and has a list of options. The second one is “Selection” and is set to use Cascaded Selections based on the first one.

The problem I have is this:

With the “Selection” field, I can not find a way for the user to leave a blank selection or undo once they have made a selection. This is a problem if the user changes their mind and wants to leave it blank.

I could avoid this by switching to “Checkbox”, which can then be undone, but then I lose the Cascading options, which act like an IF/THEN function.

Can you please advise on how I can get an undo or blank option with the “Selection” field? Or if there is a workaround to use a Cascading-like, IF/THEN functionality?

Thank you.

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