Understanding Dynamic Filtering

I have been using “Update values on another sheet” to do this for some time…, but as I have already a “Link & Load” setup for the same fields, I would like to see if I can use “Keep values synced with source” with a Dynamic Filter instead.

I have a Listing sheet that is populated via “link and load” after selecting the appropriate PROPERTY UNIT. However, when I make changes to the PORPERTY UNIT afterwards, I would like these changes to automatically be updated on the corresponding Listing (I.e. if the listing is currently listed “Y”). As I said, I am doing this now (presently disabled) using the “Update Values on another sheet” function. This function allows me to set the criteria such that only the Current Listings are updated.

So my question is, if I were to no longer use the “update value son another sheet function” an instead I select the “Keep loaded values synced with source” on the already present “Link and Load” on the Listing sheet, will a Dynamic filter suffice, so that only currently listed listing will be updated?

I looked up Dynamic filters on the Learning Centre as well as on this Forum, but this is not mentioned! Also I am quite apprehensive about trying to test this myself, as you may appreciate!

I look forward to your response!



When you check the “Keep loaded values synced with source”, all entries will be synced and it will ignore the dynamic filtering.

Great! As usual thanks so much for your prompt and pertinent assistance!

I would like to take the opportunity here, and indulge a little :slight_smile:

Some time ago when I first joined “Super Ragic”, and was busy building (and using) my Real Estate DB, I ran into this “Dynamic Filter” thing, and I had believed it to be an “update values criteria” of sorts, much like that used in the “update values on another sheet” function found in the tools section in the design mode!

I was wrong about this in this instance! And I lost valuable historical Listing data…, luckily I have my original excel DB and will be able to restore the correct information when I have some time!

I just wanted everybody as well as Ragic staff to know about this. Otherwise using Ragic has been great, and it was easy to learn. This was the only major issue that I can remember having, in fact!

Maybe I should have checked out this feature in more detail, before proceeding to try and use it! I remember feeling very confident at that time! :smile:

So that this does not happen to anyone else, I would suggest here, to Ragic, that a notice be placed concerning this feature and it’s similarity to, and that it should not be confused with “Update values on another sheet”!

Best of luck everybody! Thanks again Angie!



Thanks for the update.
We’ll discuss internally to see how we can improve our document to make it more clear. :slight_smile: