Unable to reset password

This could be a bug and could be not, here is the situation:

I am a SYSadmin of 2 databases, says A and B, and I have added a user to both.
Unfortunately, he seems to forget his password or did not change the temporary password after the first login through the invitation link. Now he is unable to log in to Ragic.
He is always be stuck at DB A landing page with the changing password pop-up, stating that his password was reset by the SYSadmin. Even when he tried to log in with the invitation link for DB B.

I tried to reset his password but was denied, as “The user is in multiple accounts, you cannot reset password for him”. He then tried using the reset password link but is also failed as he is always directed to the landing page with the pop-up. like the screencap below.

Please help. Thank you.

Please ask user to click “Forget Password” from the log in page to receive a new set of password to log in with.

Problem solved! Many thanks Amy :smiley:

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