Unable to edit field

(JE 7.5.11) Disk usage is not within je.maxDisk or je.freeDisk limits and write operations are prohibited: maxDiskLimit=0 freeDiskLimit=5,368,709,120 adjustedMaxDiskLimit=0 maxDiskOverage=0 freeDiskShortage=1,301,889,024 diskFreeSpace=4,066,820,096 availableLogSize=-1,301,889,024 totalLogSize=761,376,126 activeLogSize=761,376,126 reservedLogSize=0 protectedLogSize=0 protectedLogSizeMap={}

Suddenly can’t edit field.
Is this a server issue or a capacity issue?

As indicated in the message, you do not have enough space for your Ragic app. Please contact your IT staff to check your server/storage.