Two sets of "Link and Load" between same sheets


I am trying to set-up link and load between two sheets that have both synced and non-synced fields, but the sync option only allows for all fields or none to be continuously synced.

If I make a second set of links for the same sheets, can I select one set to continuously sync and the other to just populate once at the creation of the record (the normal action)?


If you have multiple L&L relationship between same 2 sheets, there would shows multiple sets under form tools-link and load, you could configure which set you would like to keep continuously sync and others not.

Unfortunately, I need to use the same linked field as the first set of links (with different loading fields), but it won’t let me select the same fields to link a second set. Is there a solution or workaround?

EDIT: I made a new field on the target sheet and set it to equal the original linked field via the formula tab. Then I used that field to create a new set of links and it seems to work now. Will test it over a few days to make sure~

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It seems the current way you are using is the workaround. There can’t be multiple linked relationship existed to the same field.